My Four Step Process

You may notice that I work different than most lenders. What I have done is incorporated tools and behaviors into my business that were instilled into me while serving our country in the United States Marine Corps. I believe that these tools when properly implemented and effectively used it will create an exceptional home financing experience

I would also like to take a brief moment to recap our conversation today and what you can expect through the 4 step process that we will follow to help you achieve home ownership.

The 4 step process will work as follows:

  1. Orientation

    • Part 1-Sharing the common bond
      • Meet face-to-face or talk via phone to get to know one another and build a foundation of mutual trust.
      • Complete an application via internet or phone
      • Hold a follow-up phone call to discuss application
    • Part 2- Needs Revealed
      • Identify and outline the needs and goals of your upcoming home purchase and determine how those needs will indeed be met through your customized mortgage strategy
  2. Mission/ Plan of Attack

    • Articulate the specific plan we will follow to successfully meet your unique needs and goals
    • Identify the specific loan program we will put in place for you
    • Secure the very best interest rate possible
  3. Execution

    • Openly disclose all of the information required for you to confidently commit to proceed with your home loan
    • Order and review your appraisal
    • Secure level 1 underwriting and obtain any and all additional items
    • Secure level 2 underwriting and for final approval
    • Loan documents to title for signature and closing
  4. Command & Control

    • Oversee the loan process to ensure crisp execution on all fronts
    • Ensure that the mission is accomplished by me and my team
    • Conduct Pre-close phone call to confirm details of your closing
    • Conduct close of escrow confirmation so that you are immediately notified of our successful completion

While this process may feel different (disciplined and focused) … I trust you will find me and my team to be a valuable partner in the home loan process.